Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Fix Created as Makeup for Damaged Hair

For hair that has become delicate from coloring, perming, and heat styling, White Sands presents the re-launch of its revolutionary treatment Porosity The Fix. Featuring a brand new packaging design and enhanced formulation, this leave in protects tresses from future damage caused by hot tools and environmental elements by correcting the appearance of extreme dryness and damaged texture patterns.

Fashioned as “makeup for hair”, this product acts as a coveted concealer, filling in the blemishes found in each strand. This revitalizing feature instantly creates illuminating, flawless strands. The Fix will transform damaged, dry locks, revealing youthful, shiny hair.

Based after the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, unnaturally high and low levels of porosity are the main causes of fragile and brittle locks. The Fix instantly reverses this unbalanced state, creating healthy, flawless hair through its restorative properties and unique ingredients including gentle silicones and natural oils. The formula’s light weight silicone membrane instantly “locks in” this moisture, while providing a revolutionary “Timed” Drying Process: the ratio of Cyclomethicones adjusts for drying time to provide maximum shine.

Added Bonus: Pair The Fix with heat from blow drying or ironing to leave hair softer and shinier without weighing the style down.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

White Sands Fuses Spring & Marcel Methods into ONE Curling Iron

The NEW collection of White Sands Curling Irons transforms into every girl’s must have, dream tools. This innovative line provides the beauty and diversity of creating curls by fusing Spring and Marcel methods into ONE tool. Utilize the professionalism of a Marcel curling iron to create beautiful waves or switch to the direct control and ease of a Spring Load without the need for multiple irons!

Available in 3 sizes (1”, 1.25”, & 1.33”), this light weight Professional Titanium Iron is the secret to achieve beautifully designed and polished curls. Maintain total styling control with a smart tool providing an instant and even heat with a Digital LED Temperature Setting ranging from 122 - 410F. As the smoothest surface available for tools, tresses will effortlessly glide over the Titanium barrel for styling free of unwanted tugging, snags, or breakage. This cutting edge material produces the iron’s even heat distribution, emitting negative ions to create soft, silky hair.

With the Spring Load option of the iron, easily use the clamp to securely hold hair in place, while you roll the section in the direction of the desired hair flow and pattern. Looking for the Marcel’s infamous wave technique, flawless curl formation and professional results? The White Sands Curling Iron makes it easy to show off your hairstyling talents with its rotating “barrel”. Since the barrel rotates rather than the handle, the power of beautiful Marcel waves is at your finger tips!

Why limit you’re styling options with just one technique when you can create catwalk curls using the best of both irons?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Must Have: Ed Hardy Pop Up Brush

How cute is this Ed Hardy Vintage Collage Pop Up Brush from

This is so going in my purse!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jada Pinkett & Willow Smith Hair Diary by Marcia Hamilton

This summer Celebrity Hairstylist Marcia Hamilton traveled the world keeping the Smith Family Red Carpet ready for the Karate Kid Press Tour. Together, they traveled to 8 cities with premieres spanning over a few months. Marcia was responsible for creating various looks for both Jada Pinkett-Smith and her daughter Willow. This Mother-Daughter duo made fashion statements and fans buzzing about their looks. This includes Jada’s new “Euro Bang” and Willow’s controversial “Rock Star” Mohawk.

Westwood Premiere

Inspiration: The inspiration behind the Los Angeles premiere came straight from the fashion runways displaying beautiful braids as the new accessory.

Jada Pinkett-Smith – I created a neat, large braid that laid across her head like a crown with a low chignon at the center back of the nape. This look was very simple to create. I blew the hair dry with an Ed Hardy Professional Blow Dryer using the infamous Vintage Collage Edition. I then sectioned the hair horizontally behind the ear and braided the front braid with a light wax like Purity Design’s Pure Modelling Wax, securing the braid in place with a few bobby pins. The chignon was also braided then twirled down and held in place by a bobby pin.

Willow’s leopard attire as well as her rock star persona created the inspiration behind her red carpet look. We decided the best way to compliment her fashion statement was to create a Mohawk in its natural texture that would be fierce and totally on the edge. To give it the delicate sweetheart flair, I pulled the hair off her face and pinned it back into a soft roll. For hold I used J Beverly Hills, Hold Me Spray and Purity Design’s Pure Modelling Wax to maintain the spikes in the back.

London Premiere

Inspiration: My inspiration for Jada was, modern day- Betty Page goes Euro.

Jada Pinkett-Smith – I created the talk of tour when she created her “Euro Bang”. I began by shaping a clean fringe directly above her eyes to create drama. This is always a great way to frame your clients face while drawing attention to their amazing features. The dress for the London premiere was a one shoulder covered with shimmery circular tiles, very mod and feminine. I kept the hair very simple and sleek in a low, side swept ponytail. I flat ironed the hair and fringe with the Ed Hardy Vintage Collage Professional Flat Iron and finished with Purity Design’s Pure Water Drops. A smooth sleek fringe is critical to achieve the dramatic effect you are looking to achieve.

Willow – This look was total “Camden Town Girl”. After blowing her hair straight, I flat ironed it with a bit of Purity Design’s Pure Definition Hair Spray for hold and shine. For the textured look on the ends, I pinched the hair with a wax.

Berlin Premiere

Inspiration: In Berlin, I did a slight twist on this look from the London Premiere.

Jada and Willow – I blow dried their hair with a round brush for more body and volume at the root. Next, I used a flat iron on Willow to add a slight bump to the ends to softly frame her face. Since Jada wore a really fun golden mini dress for this premiere, I kept the hair really sleek from bangs to ends and swept off the shoulders.

Madrid Premiere

Inspiration: The above 90 degree temperatures and humidity are no hairstyles’ best friend so I created these looks to withstand the heat for this premiere.

Jada Pinkett-Smith – My red carpet look for Jada was clean with a dash of spice. I styled her fringe very sleek and smooth with a little extra Purity Design’s Pure Definition Hair Spray. Next, I pulled the pony tail high and tight then added toddle waves for some texture.

Willow – We opted for a cool off the face look by braiding three mini cornrows in the front of her head and securing them with hot pink pony tail holders, leaving the rest of her hair out and smooth.

At the event in Fredricstad, Norway, I also kept Jada’s look sleek and smooth.

Paris Premiere

Inspiration: Paris the city of fashion was my true inspiration. The people of Paris are chic and sophisticated everyone looked.

Jada Pinkett-Smith – I created a “Retro Bouffant” to display the elegance and sophistication only Paris can provide. To begin, I left her fringe smooth but with a little body. To create height in the crown area, I teased it then smoothed the surface. Next, I gently brushed the hair back with a Mason Pearson Brush. All the hair remaining at the bottom was pinched, twisted and tucked then secured with bobby pins.

For Willow, I went a bit high fashion and sleeked her Mohawk back into a very Linda Evangelista look.

Tokyo Premiere

Inspiration: Finally for the Tokyo premiere, my inspiration was to go a bit “Wild”. I was really inspired by the Harujuku kids and their use of color.

Jada Pinkett-Smith – For a dramatic contrast, I added dark brown and platinum blonde extensions, chopped it into a deep asymmetric bob. The contrast was amazing and the choppiness of the cut really accentuated the blonde.

Willow- This was my time to have some fun so Willow and I agreed to play with some temporary color. I used my flat iron and a little White Sands Infinity Hair Spray to flip her hair out, showing more layers. For color, I sprayed the ends of the hair with Temporary Highlight Spray Color in Neon Purple, it was just sheer fabulosity!

For each city, I kept Jaden fresh and clean in cornrows. I was inspired by his character in the movie and his face is so adorable it must be seen from every angle. When there was down time and on some press days, we kept the fro all the way untamed. I really had a blast creating gorgeous hair around the world. Can’t wait to see what my next job has in store for me.

Ed Hardy Launches Vintage Collage Hairstyling Tool Line

The Ed Hardy Vintage Collage Hair Tool Line features a Professional Styling Iron and Blow Dryer packed with the sizzling, bold designs of your favorite Ed Hardy artwork all in one collection. Celebrity hairdressers on today's top movie and TV sets like Gossip Girl, Jersey Shore, Entourage, and Friday Night Lights along with the hair departments on MTV & Disney love these star studded tools. Let your creative juices flow as the hot pink inspired motif fuses with an array of bright, action packed designs: the perfect tools to unleash the hair artist within. Rock out your blow out and sleek up your straightening with the instant glamour of these vivid Ed Hardy graphics.

Ed Hardy Vintage Collage Styling Iron Tool Description:

Tourmaline, free floating plates gently hold hair & apply heat evenly to every strand
Perfect to straighten, curl, flip, or wave tresses
360° swivel connection prevents cord tangling
Features a 9 ft professional length cord with 360° swivel connection to prevent tangling
Variable temperature control up to 410°F
Powerful heater maintains a high & even heat for immediate styling
Thermal lined travel pouch included for convenient storage & traveling
1 year warranty

Ed Hardy Vintage Collage Blow Dryer Tool Description:

Produces negative ions to enhance & condition hair, creating sleeker, shinier results
Long lasting professional DC motor
2 speed & 3 temperature settings for maximum styling control
Cool shot button seals in the cuticle to keep styling in place
Includes 2 concentrators for controlled styling
Hanging hook allows for a convenient storage solution
1800 watts maximum power
1 year warranty

Suggested Flat Iron & Dryer Retail: $130 each via

Monday, December 7, 2009

Glaze Plus Created to Achieve Flexible Hold with a High Gloss Finish

White Sands continues its creation of UVB ray shielding products with the release of Glaze Plus.

Glaze Plus is an alcohol-free styling aid with a mousse-like performance for amazing volume and a medium hold. Containing color enhancers and chamomile extract, this product provides superior protection against color fading, a primary after effect of prolonged sun exposure.

Due to this alcohol free formula, Glaze Plus leaves hair with a high gloss finish and the ability to effortlessly re-create and re-shape new styles. Instantly achieve long lasting support free from build-up like flaking or stickiness. Glaze Plus’s natural humectants (molecules with incredible moisturization properties) even provide a balanced moisture level within each strand.

Glaze Plus is the secret to dressing all types of hair. From normal to oily, to undernourished or over stressed hair, this styling aid closes the cuticle layer for high gloss results.

White Sand’s Expert Styling Tip: Combine Glaze Plus and Smudge of equal parts for an anti-frizz styling aid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nicole Kidman at the 2009 CMA's

Hairstyling how-to by celebrity hairdresser David Babaii who created Nicole's loose waves for the 2009 Country Music Awards

To get started, I had Nicole shampoo and condition her hair with David Babaii for WildAid Amplifying Shampoo and Conditioner for volume. Plus, remember my motto: rinse, rinse rinse so you have a clean canvas. This is a must for achieving a "good hair day"!

Next, I sprayed her entire head with David Babaii for WildAid Bohemian Beach Spray and scrunched the product into her hair. This gives just the right amount of texture and movement. To create added volume while blow drying, I moved her hair in various directions. Once dry, I sectioned the hair into 3 different parts: top, sides and back leaving the nape area free. This is vital because you need to have constant control over the hair at all times. I used a 1 ½" sized FHI Heat Ceramic curling iron to create these luscious loose curls.

To achieve natural looking curls and/or hide any partings, take alternating "V" shaped partings and wrap the sections around the inside of the barrel and hold for 10 seconds. Clip each curl and allow them to cool. To style, remove all the clips and rub a small amount of David Babaii for WildAid Hair Polish into your hands and finger tips. Gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen (no comb or brush, please!) Remember, your hands can be your best styling tools.

To create these loose curls, take random sections and run your fingers through to separate and define.For additional lift or volume at the scalp area, I used David Babaii for WildAid Volcanic Ash Root Amplifier. With my fingers, I lifted sections for extra volume and height.

To complete Nicole's look, I sprayed David Babaii for WildAid Mise en Plis Light Styling Spray.